Kidding Around Track Titles: Say Hello, Copy Cat 1 & 2, Hugging Song, Safety Break, Believe in Yourself, Body Rock, Hoke Pokey 1 & 2, Jimmy Crack Corn, Rhyme Time

CD to Educate, Motivate, Enrich, Entertain
Kidding Around CD with Greg & Steve for Agwa 3 to 8

With high energy, participatory songs for children, Grammy nominated Greg & Steve have performed at Carnegie Hall and been entertaining kids, teachers, parents and grandparents alike for over 30 years! Featuring singable lyrics and catchy melodies set to a variety of contemporary beats, including blues, country, rock & roll, and reggae, their music encourages movement and teaches physical education to children. At the same time this music reinforces basic concepts learning, friendship, cooperation, social-emotional development, cognitive and motor development. It also addresses multicultural/diversity issues and environmental concerns while helping youngsters acquire language skills and encouraging reading.


Widely chosen for the early childhood classroom and the family living room, Greg & Steve’s award winning music is engaging and fun and is considered a must have for children with special needs and children on the autism spectrum.

Greg & Steve have received an imprssive number of accolades, including 10 Parents’ Choice Awards, National Association of Parent Publications Award (NAPPA), Director’s Choice Award, Early Childhood News, Children’s Web Award, The 2005 Lifetime Achievement Award – American Library Association (ALA), DR TOY AWARDS, Creative Child Magazine Award and more.


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