Scheduel daily activities for home and school.
Portable Visual Schedule Pocket Chart

Visual Schedule to Organize Daily Activities by Carson-Dellosa

This is a Pocket Chart Schedule designed  by Key Education for children with ADHD or other special learners who can benefit by having a visual schedule to help lessen anxiety and give them assistance with knowing what activities and events they can expect daily.  Parents and children can work together to find images or create picture or word cards showing what a child may experience during their day. At the start of the day, the cards that represent what will be happening for that day can be placed in pockets in the schedule pocket chart. As the day progresses the child will gain satisfaction in completing a task and  placing  the task card in a special pouch that is provided.

These visual schedules are a way of assisting a child with behavior management and self-regulation and will help them navigate their day with more confidence.


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