Kinetic Sand for Indoor Sand Play by WABA fun

Provide tactile sensory exploration.
Kinetic Sand

Kinetic Sand is a new tactile compound that breathes motion. It is a good choice for indoor sand play and for sensory development. Kids can shape it, squeeze it, and just enjoy playing with it, then watch as it continues to rearrange itself. The sand is easy to shape into simple designs and is an open-ended riveting experience. Kinetic Sand is the only indoor play product made of 98% pure sand that won’t leave granules clinging to your hands, get all over your toys, or your house. It is made to stick to itself so clean up is a breeze, and it won’t dry out. Comes in a variety of sizes.

For kids with allergies Kinetic Sand is especially beneficial as it is wheat, gluten and casein free and is 100% safe and non-toxic.


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