Personal Laminator by Educational Insights

Protect important documents, photos and decorations with lamination.
Personal Laminator

Compact, safe, and easy to use, this laminator makes it easy to preserve important documents and cherished photos. Homeschooling parents, child care programs, and classroom teachers can prepare write and wipe practice worksheets to be used over and over again with dry-erase markers or crayons. Protects child’s work, decorations, crafts designs, and much more. This dual-mode laminator features both hot and cold settings making it an ideal choice for your laminating needs. Hot laminating is extremely common for laminating photos, signs, posters, banners, business cards, menus and such, while cold lamination is popular for arts and crafts and for laminating temperature sensitive documents.

Instead of a carrier sheet, this laminator uses crystal clear laminating pouches, designed for use with this machine, so it is perfect for preserving smaller or irregularly shaped items as well as full pages up to 8.5 inch x 11 inch. Pouches come in box of 100 for lots of laminating.

This product can be found at Funtastic Learning Toys store.

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