New Sprouts Play Food Fun by New Sprouts

Inviting for Toddlers dramatic play, developing nutrition and meal-time routines.
New Sprouts Munch It Play Food Set

Playtime is a learning experience for young children and provides an enjoyable way for them to begin to understand and learn basic life skills through play. Children love these activities and gravitate to them whenever they get a chance. More than learning toys these playsets combine with other dramatic play toys to provide fun and enriching open-ended play as children explore and learn about the world around them.

Play food, such as New Sprout play sets provide a variety of familiar realistic foods that offer visual and tactile ways to help children learn. They can be used to help a child to identify and name foods, and with maturing skills, parents can add concepts of food groups, recognition of healthy and less healthy food choices, and good meal choices. This encourages healthy habits that follow the child through life. “Munch It” is shown in the image with examples of smart snacking choices.


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