3D Feel & Find Matching Game and Puzzles by Guidecraft

Build tactile awareness and stimulation.
3D Feel & Find Set

Whether using the chunky pieces to form mini puzzles or using the textured tiles and corresponding wooden shapes as a matching game, this is a worthwhile way for children to spend time at play. A child can play individually by matching shapes to form mini whole-object puzzles. Or, two or more children can use these as a game by dealing out the textured tiles and reaching into the bag, that they come in, to feel and find the shape that matches the corresponding cutout.

There are two different Feel and Find sets with different styled shapes that promote early learning skills, such as color and shape identification, matching skills, and cognitive development while providing visual and tactile exercises. These are great activities for children with limited vision or are blind. In recognition of these play values the 3D Feel & Find game has been awarded the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award, SNAP (Special Needs Adaptable Product) Seal Award.

These learning toys are at Special Needs Toys Online store.

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