Teaching Music to Children CD and Guide

Cover of Teaching Music to Children with pictures of musical instruments and muscians.Here is a multi-media approach for parents and teachers without access to formal music training to give them the tools needed to develop a love of music within their elementary school-age child.  Since music is an important part of every culture thoughout history, a parent wanting to raise a well-round child naturally wants to help their child develop an understanding of and appreciation for music. This guide written by Blair Bielawski follows a well-sequenced approach to music education including introductions to various musical instruments, well-known composers, and famous musicians. To more fully engage a youngster and insure that this is an enjoyable experience, this guide offers music-oriented lessons, reproducible games, worksheets and puzzles to keep their interest. A mixed-media CD accompanies this guide, providing a  PowerPoint presentation and over sixty minutes of music to use with youngsters.

This product can be found at the Funtastic Learning Toys store.


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