Art All Year Long for PreK-2 by Key Education Resource Book

Cover of Art All Year Long with pictues of craft projectsThis resource provides art project ideas to develop your child’s interests and artistic ability and help you help them to understand concepts, such as color, line, shape, form, texture, and space. Using reproducible patterns found in this resource and easy-to-locate materials listed for projects children improve communication and strengthen motor skills  while using their own creatvity to complete the projects. As confidence grows so will originality and self expression. This book by Sharon Thompson & Vanessa Countryman suggests over eighty projects, providing art work ideas appropriate for each seasons of the year, holidays throughout the year, gift-giving, theme-based projects, beginning the school year, and learning games. Parents can tie these ideas in with lesson plans for Homeschooled Children.

This resource book can be found at Funtastic Learning Toys store.

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