Interactive Notebooks by Carson-Dellosa

Cover of Interactive Notebooks Language Arts K showing hand, pencil and a grade level activityInteractive Notebooks are a benefit to a homeschooled child and a child in a public school classroom as they provide fun and engaging hands-on activities for Kindergarten through 8th Grade students, offerng a new approach to learning. While developing and improving essential grade level skills in language arts, math, or science, children learn valuable notetaking skills using the notebooks to summarize and record information covered each day in ways that make their notebooks unique. Decorating the notebooks in ways that meet a child’s individual learning needs and allowing them to insert worksheets helps children retain the information they are learning and gives them an enjoyable tool for review when test-taking time approaches. Plus, the notebooks offer lesson plans that are aligned to state standards for parents and teachers to use with their youngsters.


Language Arts

Cover of Interactive Notebooks Language Arts K showing hand, pencil and a grade level activity

In addition to learning sight words and vocabulary, recognizing nouns, verbs, verb tenses, and other parts of speech, youngsters progress through grade-level appropriate learning about story elements,  plot and text features, sentence structure, improving writing, revising and editing, and analyzing the author’s purpose, textual evidence, conflict, allusion, to name just a few language arts concepts covered in the notebooks.

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Cover Math Interactive Notebook with sameple activity

Including number words, counting, comparing sets, 2 and 3 dimensional shapes in kindergarten, children learn addition, subtraction, word problems, time, measurement, and move on to more complicated subjects like multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, geometry, equations, theorems, proportions, probability, and other grade-appropriate math skills.

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Cover Science Interactive Notebook with sample activity

Science focused Interactive Notebooks guide youngsters Kindergarten through 5th Grade through grade-level appropriate subjects including the five senses, body systems, living and non-living things, life cycles, habitats, weather, sun, Earth, and solar system, natural resources, ecosystems, energy, matter, and other subjects in life science, natural science and other science fields.

The Science Notebooks are found on Funtastic Learning Toys store.


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