Ethnic Dolls & Clothes Sets by Get Ready Kids

Playtime fun with vinyl doll.
Caucasian Boy Doll

Classic 16 inch Toddler Doll resembles African American Boy shown here. Also available are Asian, Caucasian, and Hispanic boys and girls. The dolls have ethnic coloring and features, including rooted hair, a poseable head and limbs, and can stand upright. These engaging dolls are made to hold up to home and child care use and come with colorful, everyday clothes that are machine washable. While providing hours of enjoyment, creative play with dolls enables a child to mimic things they have seen and form ideas about themselves and begin to understand how the world around them works. Often through this pretend play time, children who are withdrawn can begin to express themselves, building communication and language skills.

These dolls can be found at Special Needs Toys Online store.

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