Pretend and Play School Set With U. S. Map

School readiness and fun playset.
Pretend & Play School Set with U. S. Map

This playset provides a tool parents can use to prepare their child for his or her first day at school. To minimize anxiety and ease youngsters into school, parents or caregivers can create many of the experiences that children might encounter. This is of special benefit to reduce stress for a child with Special Learning Needs. The interactive play can be a great way to familiarize them with getting ready for school, going to school, meeting the teacher and fellow students, routines, whatever they need to know, what to expect, and how to act. In non-threatening play time situations. these activities assist parents with acting out school scenarios like how to ask a teacher for help or how to answer a question.

Another great benefit to using the Pretend and Play School Set is everything in the set has a place. This is a fun way to show children how to take out what they need and to put it away when they are done, reinforcing the importance of being prepared and taking care of ones belongings…a basic skill needed both at home and at school.

Best of all this is an entertaining playset a child can use all year round for role play as a teacher in their own classroom.

This product can be found at Special Needs Toys Online store.

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