Magnet Express & Mazes Provide Visual Challenges

Magnetic Maze board and wands Based on the award-winning Magnet Express shown in the image, captivating magnetic mazes provide intriguing, focused play with colorful artwork and lots of kid appeal. The Mazes designed by Anatex  include the original Magnet Express, Circle Express, Apple Maze, Dinosaur Maze, Farm Maze, Train Maze, and Magnet Travel Map, that can help a child learn about the locations of the U. S. states. While children use the attached magical wand to move the balls through the maze, the activity challenges and promotes problem-solving skills, logical thinking, visual tracking, and hand-eye coordination. With different choices for individual interests, the Mazes provide great entertainment and play value for a child while traveling or during other periods of restless inactivity. The Mazes are safe, all enclosed, and have no pieces to get lost. Winner of the Best of School Supply Eye-Hand Coordination Award!

The Magnet Express and Other Mazes can be found at Special Neets Toys Online store.


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