Listening Center for Small Group by Hamilton Guardian

Lisening Center, headphones, boom box,and jackbox, storage caseWe are living in a changing world at home, in day care facilities, and in school, and how we learn has been greatly affected by these changes. Audio books have become a widely used tool for offering a love of books to the reluctant or challenged reader, and has improved language instruction in the classroom. An extensive array of listening materials for language skills, speech therapy and other instructional needs, along with activities that keep children focused and involved, are available today for homeschoolers, daycares, and schools. These can be shared through a listening center, freeing a busy parent or teacher to work with other learners. 

Hamilton Electronics specializes in reliable audio equipment and has created this small group Listening Center, offering versatility and functionality for language instruction or wherever there is a need. The Listening Center includes everything needed to accommodate up to 6 students at a time. Features include Bluetooth Boom box and Media Player, CD player, and dual power. Components are built to hold up to the rigorous use while providing high quality sound. Accessories include headphones, stereo jack box, and lockable carry case.

This product can be found at Funtastic Learning Toys store.

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