Friends With Diverse Abilities Playset by Marvel Education

Friends with Diverse Abilities

This set of Friends with Diverse Abilities Figures is a good tool to help children gain an awareness and learn positive attitudes toward individuals with differing abilities and physical challenges using role-play and discussions generated through play with this set of  realistic figures. The figuresportray a wide range of diverse abilities and provide a way to open discussions about the many different problems that people with disabilities face in their day-to-day routine. These discussions help children with disabilities to explore their own feeling, to realize that others share similar difficulties, to help them identify their own strengths, and to find ways to use those strengths to their advantage as others have done. Additionally, this same approach is beneficial for able-bodied children who can be encouraged to explore their feelings when they encounter people in public with disabilities and can lead them to a positive awareness and inclusive attitude towards individuals with physical challenges.


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