baby with soft blocks
Baby Knock-Knock Blocks are a good choice for this age. They can be seen at

*A Consumer’s Guide for Selecting Suitable Toys

When choosing a good toy for a child, the following should be coonsidered.

  • safe for that child’s age, well constructed, and durable;
  • no small parts that might be swallowed or cause choking
  • appealing and interesting to the child;
  • suited to the child’s physical capabilities, and
  • suited to the child’s mental and social development.

Based on review of reference works on child development, observations of children at play, and product analyses of toys to determine which characteristics are most critical in defining the appropriate ages of the intended users, the following guidelines are provided to help in selecting toys that meet the above criteria for Older Infants (7 to 12 Months).

 Good Toys for infants

  • safe for mouthing.
  • non-toxic materials.
  • no sharp points or edges.
  • nonbreakable, no glass or brittle plastic.
  • no small parts to be lodged in throat, ears, nose.
  • no long strings
  • no parts to entrap fingers, toes, hands.
  • balls should be at least 1-3/4 inches in diameter.


  • toys that: have simple mechanisms,  containers, objects appearing and disappearing.
  • toys that  bang, poke, twist, squeeze, drop, shake, bite, throw, insert, open/shut, push/pull, empty/fill, drag along objects
  • toys that enable infants to explore that child can: bang, poke, twist, squeeze, drop, shake, throw, insert, open and shut,  empty and fill
  • objects and toys that encourage: stacking,  pouring out, putting in and taking out, opening and closing, fitting one object into another, pressing levers and turning things, pushing balls and cars.


  • Push and Pull Toys – simple cars, animals on wheels or rollers .
  • Outdoor or Gym Equipment – infant swings (with adult supervision), soft low climbing platform for crawlers.
  • Sports Equipment – transparent balls, chime balls, flutter balls, action balls.


  • Construction  Toys – soft blocks, rubber blocks, rounded wood blocks.
  • Puzzles – brightly colored, lightweight crib and playpen puzzles (2-3 pieces) (from about 10 months).
  • Manipulative Toys
    *light sturdy cloth toys.
    *toys on suction cups.
    *small, hand-held manipulables.
    *disks/keys on rings.
    *squeeze-squeak toys.
    *roly-poly toys.
    *activity boxes and cubes.
    *pop-up boxes (easy operation)
    *containers with objects to empty and refill.
    *large rubber or plastic pop beads.
    *simple nesting cups.
    *stacking ring cones (few rings and safe stick).
    *graspable, unbreakable, mirror toys which can be held and played with.

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